Hi, I’m Caitlin 👋

I'm a Product/UX designer based on Vancouver Island.

My background is in transportation engineering which has informed my problem solving skillset and design rationale immensely. Product design provides me the framework to build digital solutions that improve a person's life in a small or big way which continues to inspire and motivate me.

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A photo of a girl
Two iphone screens show illustrations of space stations

Oura Ring Redesign

UI/UX • Prototype • Usability Testing • High Fidelity Mockups

A redesign of the Oura Ring product page, a sleep and activity tracker.
Read the Oura case study
Two iphone screens show illustrations of space stations

Mind Matter

Research • Concept • UI/UX • Prototype

A daily app for young adults with Down syndrome improving mental health and healthcare provider support.
Read the Mind Matter case study


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